Throughout most of my adult life, I have entered programs and counselling and seen psychologists, all to figure out how better to serve the addict in my life… Not until this program did, I grasp that I was worthy of healing simply because I, as a human being, deserve my own care and kindness. I came to this program hurt and scared, tonight I finish this program with knowledge, camaraderie and most importantly…hope.

– Coming Together participant and alumni member.

The Fresh Start Friends and Family: Coming Together Series

Coming Together, the Fresh Start Friends and Family series is back. This program helps people who have someone in their life who is affected by addiction. The series helps people deal with the effects of their loved one’s addiction on them and learn how to live in recovery.

The disease of addiction is systemic in nature and affects the quality of life of the person struggling with addiction as well as those close to them. At Fresh Start, we believe recovery is possible not only for the suffering addict but also for the family, friends, and community.

Addiction is a family disease. When family, friends and the person with addiction receive help through learning, love, and support, it empowers everyone to move toward the solution rather than continue to live in the circular nature of the problem.

Coming Together is available to any individual who presently is or has ever been affected by someone else’s addiction. It is open to anyone in the community, not just to the families of people in the Fresh Start treatment program.

The Program consists of 2-hour group sessions held twice a week in the evening over the course of four weeks. The groups are designed to encourage learning, engagement, and connection through various therapeutic approaches. Some of the topics covered include, but are not limited to:

– The disease of addiction

– Family roles and systems

– Intergenerational Trauma

– Codependency and Boundaries

– Self-care

– Letting go

– The grieving process

– Guilt vs shame

– Helping vs Enabling

– Introduction to 12-step programs

– Gratitude and forgiveness

Everyone feels the effects of addiction, and everyone processes the impact differently. Our program provides an opportunity to gain a new perspective and to understand how important one’s own healing and growth are.

We at Fresh Start have worked hard to make our programming available to everyone. Payment for the program is available on a sliding scale, with the base cost of the program being $200. Financial assistance may be granted to those in need.

To find out more information and to register, email or call 403-387-6266 and ask for Kellie or Christine. If you are not able to register for this series, don’t worry. Contact our Coming Together Coordinators to get on the list for the next series.


Upcoming Series Dates

January 9th-February 1st 

February 13th– March 7th  

March 19th– April 11th  

April 23rd– May 16th  

May 28th– June 20th  

July 2nd– July 25th  

August 6th– August 29th  

September 10th– October 3rd  

October 15th– November 7th  

November 19th– December 12th  

Participant Testimonials


“Throughout most of my adult life I have entered programs, counseling and seen psychologists all to figure out how better to serve the addict in my life… Not until this program did I grasp that I was worthy of healing simply because I, as a human being deserve my own care and kindness. I came to this program hurt and scared, tonight I finish this program with knowledge, camaraderie and most importantly…hope.” 


Participant Testimonials


“I found the Family Healing Program to be the most helpful and informative program I have tried. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to appreciate others stories or if I would find them just too sad to listen too. However, they were so very helpful. Sad but helpful. I think it made me realize I’m not alone in my struggles with my loved one and everyone was very understanding and empathetic. I am now much stronger and have some tools to use when in conversation and dealing with my loved one. I also find it much easier to have conversations with other members of my family regarding my loved one. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is has a loved one struggling with addiction.”

Pam M 


“We are very happy our daughter recommended Fresh Start Family Healing Program. The program has given us more clarity and understanding around the issues with addiction and how it impacts family & friends. Our facilitator was an absolute godsend to this program with her insight and openness about her lived experiences and knowledge. She is so easy to talk with and eager to help everyone that needs her help. We are so grateful to know that Fresh Start continues to be with us even after the program has been completed. We are looking forward to continuing on with our healing and learning. Thank you.”



“The facilitator was very good at backing up topics of discussion with examples of how things worked and didn’t work in her personal life. The program was eye opening to how much work I have to do personally. Going into it I thought it was his problem and my fault. I’m working on accepting that addiction affects us all and that its not my fault. The 3 ‘c’s will now be a part of my morning chat to myself. I also realize how valuable it is to have people to listen to and share with that understand what I am going thru. I’m looking forward to keeping Fresh Start in my life.”


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