Helping men, women and families
recover from addiction.

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If you’re struggling with addiction, you’re in the right place.

We know it may not feel like it right now, but trust us—change can start right here. Since 1992, Fresh Start has been helping individuals and family members recover from addiction, find the courage to change and learn to use the tools they need to live happy productive lives in recovery.

You can find out more about our programs and our centre here on our website. When you’re ready to make the decision that can save your life, or the life of a person you care about, contact us at 403-387-6266. We are staffed 24/7.

Fresh Start Recovery Centre is accredited through Accreditation Canada, having been peer-reviewed and found to meet the highest level of consistent quality-of-care and protocol in dealing with those we serve.

There’s no better time to start a new life than right now.

“Fresh Start is recovering lives by Housing, Treating and Supporting people affected by addiction”

“Every Individual – Recovery for Life”

Men and Women looking for treatment

Providing a long-term treatment solution uncovering hope and healing through a 14 -16 week intensive program.


Family Members

Offering families and friends the support and recovery tools needed to help their loved ones and themselves.


Employers who want
help for employees

We facilitate treatment quickly and effectively for the long term health of your employees.


About Fresh
Start Recovery

Fresh Start is recovering lives by housing, treating and supporting people affected by addiction.


Your gift changes lives.

We rely on your time, talents and contributions to help men on their road to recovery.


A Bigger YES

A Bigger YES

For the last eleven years I have been engaging with you on behalf of FSRC through social media channels, our website and blogs; and in person through events, advocacy, community and one on one. It is with a heavy heart and mixed emotions that this will be my last...

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What is Intercultural Competency?

What is Intercultural Competency?

Distance Bullock is a person in long term Recovery, has worked professionally in the helping field over the last decade and has a long-standing devotion, connection and family amongst the Blackfoot People. Distance has been brought on board to the Fresh Start team as...

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