“Fresh Start is recovering lives by Housing, Treating and Supporting people affected by addiction”


“Every Individual – Recovery for Life”

If youre struggling with addiction, you've come to the right place.



We know it may not feel like it right now, but trust us—change can start right here. Since 1992, Fresh Start has been helping individuals and family members recover from addiction, find the courage to change and learn to use the tools they need to live happy productive lives in recovery.


You can find out more about our programs and our centre here on our website. When you’re ready to make the decision that can save your life, or the life of a person you care about, contact us at 403-387-6266. We are staffed 24/7.


Fresh Start Recovery Centre is accredited with commendation through Accreditation Canada, having been peer-reviewed and found to meet the highest level of consistent quality-of-care and protocol in dealing with those we serve.




Men and Women looking for treatment

Providing a long-term treatment solution uncovering hope and healing through a 90 day intensive program.


Family Members

Offering families and friends the support and recovery tools needed to help their loved ones and themselves.


Employers who want
help for employees

We facilitate treatment quickly and effectively for the long term health of your employees.


About Fresh
Start Recovery

Fresh Start is recovering lives by housing, treating and supporting people affected by addiction.


Fresh Start Recovery Centre’s treatment program recognizes addiction as a chronic brain disorder. Treatment can help facilitate a life of recovery, empowering individuals to live healthy and productive lives, free from the effects of addiction.

We employ an interdisciplinary approach to treating addiction specifically based on an individual’s needs. Fresh Start Recovery aligns with the philosophy that recovery is a process of restoring an individual’s sense of belonging through the re-connection to self, others, and community. While utilizing a comprehensive goal-setting strategy, building resiliency through the development and exploration of interpersonal relationships, spirituality, education, employment, housing, culture, and a further introspective look at oneself. This approach is enhanced through recreational and therapeutic activities conducted in an atmosphere conducive to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Our peer support model runs in unison with our treatment model of integrated chronic care, a base derived from the 12 Step abstinence model of recovery and is underpinned by a biopsychosocial-spiritual model of therapy.

Fresh Start Recovery Centre is a nationally recognized organization and is seen as a leader in the addictions sector. Established in 1992 and now with locations in both Calgary and Lethbridge, we have continued to provide solutions that recover lives by housing, treating, and supporting individuals affected by addiction.

Our staffing model is exceptionally diverse and eclectic in nature. We have approximately 300 years of combined lived experience amongst our employees. Giving us the ability to bring forth an effective empirically based approach to treatment, reinforced with varying degrees of academic recognition. Our staff is integral to the success of Fresh Start and each and every person we serve. Our insight, compassion and understanding of addiction and recovery allows us to not only offer our clients a home, but also make them part of our Recovery Community.

12 Stop Ride for Recovery Motorcycle Road Rally-2022

Click the videos below to take a tour of our Calgary and Lethbridge houses.

Your gift changes lives.

We rely on your time, talents and contributions to help men on their road to recovery.


Giving Tuesday November 29th 2022

Giving Tuesday November 29th 2022

Please join us in "30 Years of Gratitude."  Our course has been charted. Our compass is set on the future. Please help us launch the next 30 years of life-changing services for families and individuals affected by addiction.   On this Giving Tuesday, we ask you to...

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Lethbridge 1 Year later

Lethbridge 1 Year later

Seasons change but so do we! Today we are grateful to be celebrating the 1 year milestone of our Lethbridge Centre becoming a part of the Fresh Start family.   Over the last year we have seen much growth inside and out from renovations to the facility’s exterior,...

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