Relapse Prevention and Life Skills for Alumni

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Relapse Prevention and Life Skills Programs Starting November 6th and 9th, 2023, Online and in Person in Calgary.
Good afternoon, Alumni,
We’re excited to introduce two programs aimed at enhancing your continued progress and fortifying your recovery foundation. Your journey matters to us, and these courses are tailored to help you further navigate the path ahead. Both are designed to support your continuum of care and further enhance your recovery journey.
1. **Relapse Prevention – November 6th**
Dive back into a six-week refresher with our Fresh Start Outreach team. This course will:
– Assist in recognizing advanced early signs of relapse.
– Facilitate reconnection to prior programming.
– Foster community by connecting you with fellow alumni for mutual support.
– Aid in spotting and managing crisis periods and stress.
– Guide in crafting a personalized relapse prevention plan, reinforcing your recovery.
2. **Life Skills – November 9th**
Support with essential life skills can be a pivotal element in ensuring you stay on the path of recovery. Through this program, you’ll:
– Learn and refine abilities such as cooking, shopping, resume writing, budgeting, and more.
– Understand the significance of these life skills and how they intertwine with your recovery journey.
– Equip yourself to handle daily tasks confidently, fostering clean, sober, and organized living.
You can sign up for one program or strengthen your recovery by participating in both. We genuinely believe that these courses, though optional, are foundational to ongoing success. We encourage you to consider how they might benefit you, even if you feel you’ve got things under control. Space in person in Calgary is limited, but it will be available to join online also, so please contact as soon as possible to register or learn more.

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