In the last couple of weeks, Fresh Start has been blessed with three really exciting pieces of news that we would like to share with you.


1. Charity Intelligence Canada has recognized Fresh Start as being a Top 10 Impact Charity in Canada for the fourth year in a row based on the high Social Return on Investment (SROI) that Fresh Start delivers to community. Click here for full announcement. This kind recognition is based on performance that doesn’t happen in isolation. It is the work of an entire community coming together to be bigger than the sum of the parts. These parts include:

  • a core of caring volunteers including board members,
  • committed and engaged advocates who help spread the word,
  • thoughtful and dedicated donors who help keep the lights on, the staff fairly compensated and the doors open and
  • a passionate and compassionate staff who are committed to helping those who will work for their recovery to be able to change their life … one step at a time.

To all of you who share in this success, THANK YOU!

But that’s not all ….

2. One of Fresh Start’s long-time supporters – Supreme Men’s Wear Ltd. under the leadership of Darren Biedermann – has been named Outstanding Small Business Philanthropist.

3. Fresh Start has been selected to be one of five charities from across Canada to be part of the November 2018 National Advertising Challenge “NAC Cares” campaign. This “contest” invites the best advertising agencies in the country to create an outstanding advertising campaign for one or more of the five charities. If one of the Fresh Start campaigns is selected as a “top 3” in the Canadian judging, it will compete against other campaigns from all over the world at the Lion d’Or (Gold Lion) competition at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France in 2019.

If you know of an advertising agency that has “the chops”, please consider passing this along to them and invite them to create their best stuff for Fresh Start. Besides helping Fresh Start, they could profile their creative talents on the world stage.  



The Government of Alberta supports Recovery Oriented Systems of Care and Recovery-Oriented Communities of Care which include addiction treatment and post-treatment housing. Their goal is to create lasting Recovery in Alberta for individuals, families, and entire communities promoting the fact that Recovery is Real, Attainable, and Sustainable. All Albertans can experience the positive and healing effects of Recovery Capital. For more information please visit their website

Mission Fit

Ron Jarrett, owner of Mission Fitness is what a committed and helpful community partner is all about. He trains the clients in the house weekly and believes that true strength and progress can only be made from a solid foundation.  That foundation includes alignment, mobility and stability, and must address any muscular imbalances, weaknesses and lack of connection.  Achieving this level means the body is able to progress safely without fear of injury.

for more information about Fresh Start Recovery Centre or any of our programs.

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