My name is Chris and I am an addict in recovery.

I have been a drinker or addict for most of my life since the age of 14, I am now 44. My addictions have taken me to dark places, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually! Even through some of the worst times of my life I have always found peace out in nature, the more I am out there the fuller I feel inside. As tools in my recovery from addiction, fitness and connecting with nature are absolutely indispensable to me, and hopefully showing others and myself the benefits of these may act as a reminder that we can live better lives if we put in the effort. Training and racing with others in recovery helps to keep me on track with all the aspects of my recovery. The added benefit of feeling good about my accomplishments after putting in the hard work is applicable to all aspects of my life, and having so many great people behind us in everything just helps to reinforce that recovery is truly a team effort, even though we ultimately race alone!

We have formed a team called the reocvery runners and will be running this weekend in the Canmore Triathalon X-terra. Please come out and cheer us on or if you would like to donate to help please visit Fresh Starts website.

No one can do recovery for you, but you can not do recovery alone.

Kindly, Chris Oliver


Mike Miles is a 4-time professional World Champion who believes in everyone being treated how we would like to be treated; with respect, dignity and fairness. His gym is a team: Team Miles and all students help each other achieve their highest and fullest potential.

for more information about Fresh Start Recovery Centre or any of our programs.

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