My dad – a mover, shaker, and waffle maker

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My dad was many things and growing up his struggle was like an intermittent undercurrent pulling us down and swirling us in any direction without warning.

He always had a job, we always had food on the table, he was kind, he was loved.  My dad was a good man.  My dad was also a sick man.  For many years my mom would try and clean up his messes (and hers) to keep the illusion that we were a perfect family.  It was a deadly illusion… the shame and stigma my dad felt, kept him from reaching out and getting proper treatment or support. I was too young to really do anything, but looking back I could feel the quiet drowning of them both.

My dad never had the opportunity to get help as he lost his battle with addiction. If my mom and I could do it all over; we would have shouted it to whomever would have listened that we needed help.

The fact is, that 75% percent of alcoholics and addicts hold jobs.  They have families, make waffles, laugh, love, wake up everyday and keep their commitments.  Its not till the end stages that they lose it all; which are the images we see of what an ‘addict” is.  This is not an accurate picture.  Substance use and addiction starts for most people in their youth. People don’t need to wait until they hit a bottom before they get the help they need.

For Fathers Day, in his name, I send a donation to Fresh Start to help another man get the help he needs.  Fresh Start is nationally recognized for their addiction treatment program and I have seen the fathers they help get better.

I might not have shouted in time to save my dad, but I use my voice to help now.

To donate this father’s day and help a father click here – you will have an option to send a card to your dad, grandpa, or whoever!

Much Love Branden S.


The Government of Alberta supports Recovery Oriented Systems of Care and Recovery-Oriented Communities of Care which include addiction treatment and post-treatment housing. Their goal is to create lasting Recovery in Alberta for individuals, families, and entire communities promoting the fact that Recovery is Real, Attainable, and Sustainable. All Albertans can experience the positive and healing effects of Recovery Capital. For more information please visit their website

Mission Fit

Ron Jarrett, owner of Mission Fitness is what a committed and helpful community partner is all about. He trains the clients in the house weekly and believes that true strength and progress can only be made from a solid foundation.  That foundation includes alignment, mobility and stability, and must address any muscular imbalances, weaknesses and lack of connection.  Achieving this level means the body is able to progress safely without fear of injury.

for more information about Fresh Start Recovery Centre or any of our programs.

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