He is someone who everybody loved.

He is someone who was friends with everyone.

He is someone who had such potential.

He is someone’s father, uncle and son.

And yet, none of this matters – because addiction doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter who he is or who he was, at Fresh Start he is someone. 

With record numbers of overdose deaths, chronic alcoholism and fentanyl poisoning, this Christmas we think it’s time to get real and talk about our humanity. It is the one thing we all share. We don’t need to qualify a person by their behaviors, who they are or what they have – we need to get them into treatment because they matter. Because all lives matter. Where there is life there is hope.

At Fresh Start we see miracles happen every day.  Men who come into treatment sick and broken, who get well and then truly start to live.  From their brokenness they rise, and they learn how to thrive.

The men who walk up our stairs to enter treatment all see a kick plate that reads “Welcome Home. You are no longer alone.” It acknowledges our shared connection and our shared humanity.  It reminds those embarking on a new life in recovery that they are coming home and coming home to oneself.

The journey of addiction IS someone’s dark night of the soul… the journey of recovery asks us all to cast a light upon the silence, the shame and the stigma… and that takes courage.  We need you and your support to courageously shine the light. You have an opportunity to cast out the darkness.  You have an opportunity to be someone for someone.

This is your invitation.  

To give this holiday season click here.

Much Gratitude, The Fresh Start Team


Mike Miles is a 4-time professional World Champion who believes in everyone being treated how we would like to be treated; with respect, dignity and fairness. His gym is a team: Team Miles and all students help each other achieve their highest and fullest potential.

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