Edging God Out

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This acronym was new to me as an acronym, but old and familiar to me as a principle of living. I experience it almost every day.

I edge God out of my life and consciousness. I almost never announce or declare in a loud voice or clear thought that I am terminating either my connection with God or my conscious contact with God. The separation and departure from God is always less clear. It is subtler and creeps rather than jumps. It is a process of Edging God Out rather than ruling Him out.

My morning routine includes a session of prayer and meditation; as I arise from my meditation and prayers my conscious contact with God can be rated at a solid ten out of ten. But half an hour later, I have probably not thought about God for 27 minutes, coasting on my morning prayer and meditation.  Later in the morning, by eleven o’clock, my rating of conscious awareness and contact is down to a five or six and declining. By 1 pm, after lunch, I am in full control of my life and my God conscious rating is down to a two.

Nothing dramatic will have happened, just a series of thoughts that can be summarized as “don’t worry God, I’ve got this”.  Gently edging Him out of my conscious frame of reference.

I seem powerless over this. Like the still-drinking alcoholic who swears off alcohol forever at 9 am, has a serious thirst at 1 pm, and at 4 pm concludes that tomorrow will be a fine day to quit.  It just seems to happen.  Like an autopilot mechanism.

I Edge God Out sliver by sliver.

But there are solutions. I have found a couple of ways to combat this edging process.

First, a specific noon hour prayer. Time just before lunch when I stop and consider the morning and offer a prayer for renewed guidance.  A habit that I can watch and measure.

Second, a series of alarms on my iPhone. I have alarms that I can set for daily to go off at the same time every day. And I can label the alarms with short pithy sayings or messages. I have set five during the day. Each alarm is silent with only a ‘screen flash’ alert.  And the label for each alarm is a message to remind me to be consciously aware of God. God is here and now. God is in this. God loves you.  God has a will for you. God is in charge. Mid-morning, late morning, mid-afternoon, late afternoon, and evening. Five times a day my phone alerts me and when I pay attention, stops the process of Edging God Out – EGO.

Maybe I have a second acronym. Daily Alarm Technical Solution – DATS. The DATS stops EGO. DATS all folks, for today.

Andy Crooks


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