Becoming Santa Claus…..

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I am Santa Claus. Well, not really, but I am to my six-year-old son. For the last seven years since my time at treatment I have been able to be, do and have all the things I was afraid of.

You see I grew up in a dysfunctional home where there was no magic of Christmas or Father’s Day. I did not have a dad around and my mom was always working, so I easily learned how to escape the pain of my family and to escape who I was and where I was. Drugs and alcohol were the fastest way to freedom until they eventually became my prison.

I was not a bad person those years growing up. But I was a sick person. When I finally had enough I reached out to my boss who was “in recovery” and he helped me, he told me he understood, and he got me into treatment. Detox and treatment were tough but slowly my life has gotten better and my spirit has come alive again. I am a good father, a good husband, a hard worker, a loyal friend, and I am making my life mean something. I share my story so I can help make a difference for other men, so they can reach out if they are struggling with addiction. This isn’t something we can do alone.

I learned that substance use and addiction starts for most people in their youth. People don’t need to wait until they hit a bottom before they get the help they need.

For Father’s Day this year and for the past five years, I send a donation to Fresh Start to help another man get the help he needs. Fresh Start is nationally recognized for their addiction treatment program and I have the privilege of being part of the Fresh Start alumni and have seen many men get better and grow into amazing men and great Fathers.

Consider joining me this Father’s Day by honouring your dad, grandpa, or perhaps a father you admire by making a donation to Fresh Start and sending a card to that special father – start by clicking here.

Much Love Derek C


Pure North S’Energy Foundation provides participants with a personalized program to help them optimize nutrition and reduce the likelihood of illness in the future,
and put in place the foundations for living a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

Mike Miles is a 4-time professional World Champion who believes in everyone being treated how we would like to be treated; with respect, dignity and fairness. His gym is a team: Team Miles and all students help each other achieve their highest and fullest potential.

for more information about Fresh Start Recovery Centre or any of our programs.

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