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Recently at a San Diego Round-Up, I heard a speaker who presented a startling thought which I later confirmed to be true.  In the first part of the book, the first 164 pages, the word surrender is never used.  The word abandon is used.  We abandon ourselves.  We don’t surrender ourselves.  We abandon our problems.  We don’t surrender our problems.  This subtle word distinction I realize now is important.  When I surrender, it’s a passive tense.  When I abandon, it’s very active.  Once again in our program “into action” is the principle.

Additionally, I can surrender without change.  But when I abandon I change.  In fact, a surrender at some levels is a preservation of our existing status quo.  If I’m in a battle and I surrender, I surrender myself, but I preserve myself.  I also preserve my position and although I may have to pay tribute or live under a different regime I am still in place.  If I abandon my position in a wartime environment, I’m gone.

Another incredible insight all earned by taking action and going to a roundup.

Andy Crooks


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