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Recovering community one coffee, one meal, one life at a time”
– Mike Macdonald • General Manager, Eleven l Eleven

Eleven-Eleven Café and Eatery has something for EVERYONE - Opening Summer 2018

Operating in the funky repurposed firehall #6 beside the elbow river and memorial bridge in Kensington; Eleven-Eleven is a recovery themed Calgary community cafe. Our mission is to create community, cultivate hope, provide jobs for folks in recovery, and with recovering bodies in mind, support better choices toward health and well being than what is widely available commercially. We use local and organic ingredients as much as possible and make our goods from scratch. The best part is YOU are making a difference when you choose us - Our profits translate directly into subsidized recovery treatment "scholarships" for people and family members who cannot afford treatment otherwise. Or as we like to say "Eat Good; Do Good."

We will have seating for approximately 125 people covering the top and bottom levels of our 4000 square feet historical building. During the warmer months we will have outside service, including a grill and beverage station for quick service for when you are walking your dog or passing by on your bicycle. Or stay a while and enjoy a seat and friendly service on our riverside patio. We will offer a diversely priced menu ($8-$25) and an in-house roasted coffee selection from a simple $2 brewed coffee to a $6 specialty coffee.

We are a social enterprise cafe and eatery in partnership with Fresh Start Recovery Centre and the City of Calgary. What does social enterprise mean? Well……..what this means is every time your purchase a coffee, a meal or get take out for the office at our establishment, the profits go into helping save lives through addiction treatment and recovery. We are all recovering from something     (or love someone who identifies this way) and we like to think we offer something for everyone at our cafe and eatery; if you are looking for a light bite or snack our firehall café on the main level is the perfect trendy spot. You can enjoy anything from a great craft soda, zero proof shrub cocktail, cold brew nitrogen & coffee selection or sit back and relax with a pesto bocconcini panini, baked pie or a delicious pastry. If times a bit tight, our grab & go options are ideal when hurrying to work in the park for a stroll.

If your looking for a full experience join us upstairs at the restaurant for a fresh cooked served breakfast, lunch or dinner featuring items such as Sirloin of lamb Navarin, Old Bay panko chicken thigh sandwich, Mu- Shu spicy veg & black beans cakes or a good bowl of hand cut triple cooked fries! Our atmosphere and culture is designed to be a laid back and relaxed feel. Whether you are a first-time patron or a regular; our “Welcome Home… YOU are no longer alone feel” will be felt as soon as you walk through the doors. Our baristas, servers, chefs, and restaurant team will be one of the best features of the cafe inspiring hope and offering great service.

Eleven-Eleven Café and Eatery is a social enterprise under the Fresh Start Recovery Centre umbrella with the profits serving to subsidize treatment and support our operations.

We envision Eleven-Eleven to be:

  1. Family Oriented -a place everyone feels welcome and seen.
  2. Serving simple, healthy and wholesome food.
  3. Fast paced intimate atmosphere with upbeast and energetic staff.
  4. Comfortable and kind.
  5. Serving quality coffee with a great selection of house roasted beans and hand crafted meals.
  6. A welcoming space to facilitate groups including recovery meetings.
  7. Showcasing local artists and entertainers.
  8. Enjoying fresh and unique non alohoclic drinks.  Zero-proof.
  9. Historical displays on the walls.
  10. Option to cater private parties and office lunches/dinners.
  11. Online presence including social media and option to order online.
  12. Sober venue for recovery events (recovery day).
  13. Recovery outings and adventures - you tell us!


Eleven-Eleven Café and Eatery will be located in the charming brick structure that served as Firehall #6 -  1111 Memorial drive NW. 

Fire Hall

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