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Recovering community one coffee, one meal, one life at a time”
– Mike Macdonald • General Manager, Eleven l Eleven

Eleven-Eleven Memorial Café and Eatery is a restaurant for EVERYONE

It is inclusive, whether you are in recovery or not. Opening Winter 2017/2018

It will be a place to break bread, enjoy a coffee, gather, grow, learn, share, offer hope, give hope and create community. This will be a trendy establishment for eating and socializing without alcohol. We will offer a variety of fresh and interesting, well-crafted non alcoholic adult beverage that will be met with enthusiasm and good cheer. Our menu selection is a “keep it simple” theme offering delicious handcrafted main courses and a variety of homemade soups and salads. Desserts...well that is our specialty.  We put a lot of time, thought and love into these delights. So, to end your meal (or perhaps start...they are that good) we will offer a variety of classic desserts with a little edge sprinkled with enthusiasm.We believe in supporting our community and will source our meat and produce locally.

Eleven-Eleven will have seating for approximately 125 people covering the top and bottom levels of a 4,600 square feet historical building. During the warmer months we will have outside service and a grill and beverage station for quick service for when you are walking your dog or passing by on your bicycle. We will offer a diversely priced menu ($8-$25) and an in-house roasted coffee selection from a simple $2 brewed coffee to a $6 latte. The best part is you are making a difference when you choose us - ALL profits go towards helping more men and families recover.

Our atmosphere and culture is designed to be a laid back and relaxed feel. Whether you are a first-time patron or a regular; our “Welcome Home… YOU are no longer alone feel” will be felt as soon as you walk through the doors. Our baristas, servers, chefs, and restaurant team will be one of the best features of the cafe inspiring hope and offering great service. 

Eleven-Eleven Café and Eatery is a social enterprise under the FSRC umbrella with the profits serving to subsidize treatment and support our operations.


We envision Eleven-Eleven to be:

  1. Family Oriented -a place everyone feels welcome and seen.
  2. Serving simple, healthy and wholesome food
  3. Fast paced intimate atmosphere
  4. Comfortable and kind
  5. Serving quality coffee with a great selection of house roasted beans and hand crafted meals
  6. A welcoming space to facilitate groups including recovery meetings
  7. Showcasing local artists and entertainers
  8. Enjoying a little free recovery library 
  9. Historical displays on the walls
  10. Option to cater private parties and office lunches/dinners.
  11. Online presence including social media and option to order online
  12. Sober venue for recovery events (recovery day)
  13. Recovery outings and adventures - you tell us!


Eleven-Eleven Café and Eatery will be located in the charming brick structure that served as Firehall #6 -  1111 Memorial drive NW. 

Fire Hall

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Your gift changes lives.

We rely on your time, talents
and contributions to help men
on their road to recovery.





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7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

ALUMNI - Family healing Program

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

ALUMNI - Family healing Program

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

ALUMNI - Family healing Program

8:00 PM –
1:00 AM

NYE Clean and Sober Dance